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    10 Must-Have Linux Web-Based tools

    From content management systems to web portal creation tools, Linux has just about everything you need. Among those thousands of tools, a select few stand out as the best of the best. Listed below you will find my top 10 must-haves for Linux server/web/cloud-based tools.

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    101 High Quality CSS And XHTML Free Templates And Layouts: P

    If You have been following to latest articles, I compiled 43 PSD to XHTML, CSS Tutorials article some time ago. This should be considered as next step to web development process. There are a lot of really professional and high quality XHTML, CSS templates available for free – if You are familiar with coding, You can learn many new techniques just b

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    MySQL Admin and Development Tools Round Up

    In the overview below we present some of the most useful and most popular MySQL Admin and Development Tools for Mac, Windows and Linux, for beginners and for professionals. Among other tools we feature phpMyAdmin, MySQL Workbench, HeidiSQL and SequelPro.

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    The 32 Totally Essential (and Free) Apps for Every New PC

    You have to admit, Windows is a pretty barebones operating system, feature-wise. After a fresh install of XP or Vista (perhaps following a Clean Start), you’re faced with a barren Start Menu and an empty desktop that’s beaming with limitless potential.

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    Command-Line-Fu To Become A Linux Guru

    It’s like Kung-fu, but for nerds! And you don’t even need to stand up!

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    50 Best Ever Web Development, Design & Application Icon Sets

    If you are looking for that perfect icon for your web site, blog, web app or application, you will find them here.

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    40+ CSS/JS Styling and Functionality Techniques

    Designing effective web forms isn’t easy, as we need to figure out more practical styling and functionality techniques to provide a great user experience. And this list has got it all to get you going on the right path

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    Lazy Linux: 10 essential tricks for admins

    How to be a more productive Linux systems administrator

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    SliTaz project

    SliTaz GNU/Linux is a free operating system working completely in memory from removeable media such as a cdrom or USB key. It is light, speedy and fully installable on a hard drive. SliTaz is distributed in the form of a LiveCD that you can easily burn to a cdrom and boot from. When the system is running you can eject the LiveCD and use your CD drive for other tasks. The Live system provides a fully-featured, working graphical distro and lets you keep your data and personal settings on persistent media. The system can be extended with the Tazpkg package manager and security updates are provided for the cooking and stable versions.

    Link here.

    Auto-NDISwrapper is out! No more hunting down for drivers

    The first version of Auto-NDISwrapper helps you out to setting up your wireless card in Linux in the case that there is no native or free driver available for it. Although not a pretty solution NDISwrapper has been helping out the poor people who’s wireless cards aren’t supported in Linux. Now things are a little bit easier. Get it while it’s hot!

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