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    Run Linux inside Windows

    andLinux is a complete Ubuntu Linux system running seamlessly in Windows 2000 based systems (2000, XP, 2003, Vista [32-bit only]). andLinux is not just for development and runs almost all Linux applications in Windows without modification. It supports quick launch icons, start menu, system tray, Explorer shell extensions and file type associations.

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    50 Proprietary Programs We All Hate–and the OS Alternatives

    It’s not the price of the software that makes the real difference (although it’s a reason to migrate from one software to another for many people); it’s the idea that proprietary software comes with boundaries that keep the user experience confined to… well, being the user. Here are 50 commonly used programs that have open source alternatives.

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    9 Practical Uses of Firefox’s Web Developer Tool

    A guide on how to effectively use the Firefox Web Developer extension to speed up and enhance your web-building.

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    Parted Magic 2.0 is finally released!

    Parted Magic 2.0 is finally released! GParted has been forked to VisParted to add features GParted doesn’t have. VisParted can read and write volume labels for most supported file systems. Point and click disk wiping was added. When you mount a partition with VisParted, a Thunar window will open at the selected location.

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    Design your own desktop with Xfce 4.4

    “Xfce is just as customizable as KDE or GNOME, so I set myself a goal: make Xubuntu look like Windows Vista. Why? Because I can.”

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    Virtualization in Linux: A Review of Four Software Choices

    Virtualization is the technique of running a “guest” operating system inside an already-running OS; for example, Windows inside Linux, or visa-versa. This article compares four virtualization products available for Ubuntu Linux: the free, open source Qemu; the closed-but-free versions of VirtualBox and VMware-Server, and the commercial Parallels.

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    Microsoft Helps Nab $900M Piracy Ring

    Microsoft is telling the tale of a major software piracy investigation that weaved through 22 countries, hoping would-be pirates will think twice if they know how far the company will go to protect its computer code worth billions in revenue each quarter.

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    10 great free downloads for your network

    Got a small network, home network, medium-size network — even an enterprise network — and want to get the most out of it? Then I’ve got good news for you: 10 free pieces of software that can make your network easier to use, troubleshoot and maintain. These freebies will help everyone from networking pros to networking newbies and everyone in between.

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    RESTORE-EE (Enterprise Edition) User Manual

    This manual is part reference and part tutorial, meaning that you can look to it for everything from the simple questions of , “What does this icon do?” to the more involved questions, like “How do I schedule e-mail notifications?” Your experience with Restore will depend on your privileges on the Restore system. The administrator for the system will have a few extra capabilities that a standard user will not.


    Microsoft relents: Vista consumer virtualization ban lifted

    It only took them a year longer than it should have, but Microsoft has finally relented and approved the use of Windows Vista Basic and Premium Edition in virtualized environments, for both “consumers” and business users. Among other things, the change means that Mac and Linux users can now run Windows Vista in a VM without having to pay for the more expensive Business or Ultimate editions. This is a boon to anyone who needs virtualized environments for testing and development.

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